One day to Reload M@rdamej 2012!

22 Nov

So here we go again for generating innovative projects with a group of creative and enthusiastic participants of second Armenian Social Innovation Camp!

More than 15 regional outreach meeting were held in the regions of Armenia and we have met  with so many interesting people, discussed ideas and are now looking for further cooperation.

As a result of call for anti corruption social ideas more than 70 project applications were received and more than 150 people registered for participation in M@rdamej:Reload 2012. All applicants were bright, full of enthusiasm and ready to contribute to social innovation event. We tried to engage as many participants as we could, however the format of SI Camp supposes certain proportion in the number of IT specialists, promoters, designers and social experts engaged in this process. So, on the last weekend on November M@rdamej-people will  come together and will work on development of web -based solutions to social challenges.

We are happy to introduce 6 project ideas which have been identified among the submitted 70 by a renowned jury to be elaborated during the Camp:

  • David Dadalyan, “University Monitoring or I don’t have any spare money”

A “corruption map” of the education system, where anybody exposed to corruption can post an instant report.

  • Yeghiazar Davtyan, “Didn’t get my medicine” 

The resource will enable consumers of free (state-sponsored) healthcare services to report about delays or failure in providing the prescribed medicine.

  • Seda Muradyan, “Corruption Tree”

The project allows telling a detailed corruption story in an innovative format through a step-by-step synopsis of the corruption case. The user receives a “how-to-avoid” guideline for each step.

  •  Khachik Shahzadyan, “Kindergarten Monitoring”

A rating map for the kindergartens, where each parent can evaluate the pre-school services provided to their children based on a tree of indicators.

  • Sara Khojoyan, “From my pocket”

The interactive web resource will serve as a crowdsourced watchdog to monitor the possible misspending from the state budget. The platform will include animations, infogramms and user-generated content.

  •  Anna Sahakyan, “Virtual Blood Bank”

Blood register is still a paper-based system in Armenia which requires constant monetary and labor time investment. The team proposes to create a unified web-based system which will facilitate the coordination during force majors and will engage new blood donors.

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